Cimarron Capital, Inc.

We started in 1983 as management consultants under the name Soltero Oil Company, advising on the acquisition, syndication, operation and sale of producing oil and gas properties and exploratory prospects. In 1985 the company was reformed as Soltero Resources, Inc., in order to purchase and resell a tanker load of diesel fuel and organize and manage a syndicated purchase of a 10,000-acre producing oil and gas property in the Austin Chalk play of Brazos County, Texas from Phillips Petroleum. The project was successfully redeveloped using gas-lift increased recovery technology and ultimately sold to a large independent for horizontal drilling. Following the sale we changed our name to Cimarron Resources, Inc., and provided interim chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief financial officer services for four different public petroleum companies.

In 2007, following the successful IPO of the fourth company, we exited the public company area, changed our name back to Soltero Resources, Inc. and re-entered the private oil and gas exploration and production business by organizing and investing in high-risk, potentially high return oil exploration ventures in the continental United States. We made a significant vertical well discovery in North Texas, drilled three development wells, purchased and re-entered two other wells, and put the property up for sale in mid-2017.

While winding down as operator we began providing due diligence evaluations of potential clients for a boutique investment bank seeking to connect management groups with private equity funds. This included financial and management analysis on a number of entities in petroleum exploration, production and refining as well as in real estate, resort development, healthcare and cryto-currency venture funding.

In the first quarter of 2018, we sold the North Texas oil property and decided to focus on private placement capital raising as an intermediary rather than as a principal. In the third quarter of 2018 we changed our name to Cimarron Capital, Inc., and began representing private companies raising start-up capital in healthcare, energy, and capital markets predictive analytics. We spent much of 2019 concentrating on predictive analytics in capital markets and decided in February 2020 to drop our broker-dealer affiliation and concentrate on our consulting practice. For the past three years we consulted with a major hedge fund on oil & gas investments, a startup AI company on oil price forecasting, an international conglomerate seeking LNG supplies from the United States, and various investors looking at upstream acquisitions and drilling deals.

Private Placements

We advise qualified issuers about structuring and offering their private securities. We provide due diligence analysis of oil and gas companies for placement agents and investors seeking to either place or invest in oil and gas private securities.

Petroleum Consulting

We provide a full range of petroleum consulting services. Cimarron Capital is registered professional engineering firm in the State of Texas (#F-1066)

Interim CEO/COO

If you need an interim chief executive officer or chief operating officer on short notice, give us a call. We've got the experience to do the job ourselves or find the right person for the job.

Healthcare Finance and Clinical Trials Consulting

We've undertaken a limited number of healthcare consulting assignments related to healthcare private equity funding, healthcare center financing, medical device manufacturing, and clinical trials.

Investment Banking

We due energy industries diligence consulting to investment bankers related to the organization and structure of securities offerings, as well as advice related to corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Family Office

Cimarron Capital is the single family office for the Soltero Family. We invest in high-quality upstream oil & gas technologies and next generation AI. We also work with other family offices.